The published articles

These are the papers and letters that have been published, starting in 1995 and then onwards.

These links lead to HTML or PDF reproductions (for those behind a paywall) or the original published versions (where there is open access). I am grateful for the permission to reproduce the journal articles.

Morphostasis and Immunity 1995:

This article introduces the concept that the immune system is primarily engaged in the process of morphostasis (roughly synonymous with tissue homeostasis). EXTRA NOTES

Morphostasis an evolving perspective:

This article takes a conjectural romp through what I perceive to be the probable evolution and the consequences of morphostasis. EXTRA NOTES

From terra firma to terra plana – danger is shaking the foundations. Deconstructing the immune system:

This article arose in response to an article from Langman and Cohn. It enlarges on the morphostasis theme. It challenges the assumption that the immune system arose to identify and kill foreign organisms. The journal editors added the phrase "Deconstructing the immune system" and I was pleased by this addition. EXTRA NOTES

Morphostasis: a revolution?

The icon to the right is a LARGE file. It is the orinal published version. This article was composed as a short summary of the changes in perspective invoked by the Morphostasis hypothesis. It is a good starting point for readers. EXTRA NOTES

Tissue homeostasis and Immunity: more on models:

This article continues a discussion series on models in immunology. EXTRA NOTES

Intentional pathogen killing – or denial of substrate?

This article challenges the assumption that the main purpose of the immune system is to "find, chase and kill pathogens". EXTRA NOTES

A proliferation of pathogens through the 20th century:"

This article questions the appropriateness of the progressive trend for "pathogen" to be regarded as a legitimate synonym for "pathogenic organism". EXTRA NOTES

Various published letters:

Various letters published on journal web sites. Most of these are now unavailable at their original web sites so many of these links lead to reproductions.