"Morphostasis and Immunity”


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Submission to Medical Hypotheses: 14th August 1994

Will you consider this article for publication?
I have peddled earlier versions of this around numerous journals and have been generally greeted with dismissal. No one seems to see the need for a paradigm shift. It is due. Polly Matzinger has now published an article supporting one of the main conclusions of my hypothesis. I had certainly reached her point (and beyond) before I read that paper. Equally, the core importance of elective suicide was constructed in my mind long before the flurry of interest in apoptosis. Then there is the inversion of TNK and TC function. That was realised and incorporated into the hypothesis long before I was aware of supporting literature. The idea that N-CAM constant like regions evolved to promote highly permeable gap junctions led to a literature search for supportive evidence and this was found. And there are more fulfilled predictions.
All in all, it is falling together quickly. So many observations fit into the hypothesis so very comfortably that it is impossible to reach any other conclusion than that this "falsificationist" approach has eventually come up trumps. I have ceased to believe people who insist it is worthless. It may be cavalier in approach: it may be too speculative in places; it may annoy immunologists and biologists who review it; people may consider it is not appropriate to publish the hypothesis of a person who has simply parasitised other's efforts. But plain wrong it is not.
It is unbelievably frustrating not to be able to penetrate this curtain of resistance!
Perhaps you, too, will support the conventionalists.

Reply from Medical Hypotheses: 28th September, 1994

Many thanks for your fascinating paper submitted to Medical Hypotheses. We have read this with considerable interest or would be happy to have it in the journal. A reprint order form will be sent to you direct from the publishers.
I am interested in resistance to innovation and I would be most grateful if you could provide me with a summary of the history of this concept and some of the letters of rejection that you have received from the journals.