At its simplest

The simplest way of introducing you to this change in perspective is to have you realise the following:-

Morphostasis offers a broad change in perception on how the immune system works.

The previously established – and still dominantly extant – belief was that the immune system is a self aware system that hunts down and attacks malign organisms. These include micro-oganisms and other foreign cells. It identifies, chases, attacks and then disposes of these threats, rather like a police force.

A morphostasis model assumes an alternative perspective. The cells that constitute an immune system act as a waste management team that clears away the debris of decay. This debris is constantly generated within the colony of cells that constitutes each indidual animal. Foreign and damaging agents are noticed and brought to the morphostatic system's attention because they provoke, are attracted to and rely on these resources for their survival.

The broad scenario under either system leads to a similar outcome; invading microbes tend to be attacked and cleared. However, this fundamental change in the understanding of how the immune system works might lead to exciting new avenues to explore within bio-medical research; and the practical applications could be dramatic.

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