Morphostasis: a revolution?

This article was composed in response to a request to produce a brief and simple summary of the morphostasis hypothesis that was suitable for local circulation.

"Morphostasis: a revolution?" also available as a large (be warned) pdf reproduction of the original

Until about 1999, the Southampton Health Journal was circulated to Southampton Hospital staff and local GPs on request. Financial constraints finally led to its demise.

This article (including the cartoon) is the copyright of the Southampton Health Journal and is reproduced with their permission.

Tidal forces – the cartoon at the top of most pages on this web site – was created, at my request, by James D Cunliffe who has helped animate various films including Happy Feet, The tale of Despereux, The Golden Compass (a film, based on Phillip Pullman's book, published in UK as "Northern Lights") and The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. He previously worked with Free Radical Design as a lead animator and is now in Washington State, USA, working for Valve. Click on the cartoon above for more detail.