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"Very wearing to be always in expectation of what never comes, my dear Fitz-Jarndyce! Wearing, I assure you, to the bone! . . ./. . . There's a dreadful attraction in the place. You can't leave it. And you must expect."

(Miss Flite, Chapter XXXV Bleak House – Charles Dickens)

When you are convinced that you have noticed something very, very important, you hope that someone will take notice. Indeed, you expect someone to take notice. The reality, in science, is that virtually no one wants to know about anything that is not mainstream "normal science" (see Thomas Kuhn in the philosophy section). A constant plea of "for pity's sake, someone take this seriously" expends of a lot of emotional energy with very little reward. I hope that you will be able, on reading this section, to get a flavour of this frustration. Much of the earlier work was ferociously trashed by reviewers: a modern reading makes that trashing erroneous.