Wake up America - you have a Donald "Sarumen" Trump to deal with


Like many other people, outside the borders of the USA, I cannot comprehend the folly of this last 4 years.

Donald Trump is the modern embodiment of Tolkein's Sarumen; a man able to sweet talk a host of believers of his reasonableness. This man is proffering the establishment a GOP oligarchy in the USA but it will backfire on them into a dictatorship of one. Wake up before it is too late. Take away his power now.

12th February 2021

Well - I have just been watching the defence lawyers put their case.

We have seen all this before black is painted as white. Just about everything said is probably - in actuality - the opposite. Why did they have to resurrect the idea that "Democrats" claimed that Trump was in the palm of Putin? How do you counteract this modern technique of inverting everything with such force that everyone doubts theiir own senses and logic? It is dangerous and whitewashing.