Theories and the integrative function

"About theories and the integrative function of the immune system"
Dembic Z.
The Immunologist 8/6, 141-146 (2000).

Abstract: In recent years, dendritic cells have been placed centrally in starting and shaping the immune response, and a number of complex theories have been proposed to explain the immune response to antigen. Here, Zlatko Dembic overviews the Danger, Stranger and Integrity theories among others, and provides a broad look at early immune responses.

(Note: the original web site of this Journal - The Immunologist - has been withdrawn. Despite a promise that the journal was due to be relaunched and subscriptions carried over at this time, this journal has disappeared from view. Hogrefe and Huber were the original publishers.)

I have added a link to the British Library who will provide a copy of this article, but at cost. It might be worth approaching the author direct (Zlatko Dembic). I have a copy.

Google Scholar citation pages for Zlako Dembic. This site lists his other work and these, below, are the ones about "integrity".