The Neurology of Behçet's syndrome article

In 1975, I was acting as a registrar in neurology at the Middlesbrough General Hospital Neurology Unit. My interest in Behçet's syndrome was initiated when a lady with this disease was admitted onto our wards. The medical registrar who referred her had diagnosed both the Behçet's syndrome and an anterior spinal artery occlusion. On both accounts I was mightily impressed – and very envious. Both would very likely have passed me by. I think, of all things, this admiration for his diagnostic skills were the greatest stimulus to my subsequent interest in this disease. For the first time, I found an interest that I really enjoyed exploring. In trying to understand its pathophysiology, I realised that I would need to learn more about immunology. It was not long before the Behçet's syndrome took second place to my interest in immunology. I left neurology not long after (6–8 months) and headed for general medical practice via Obs and Gynae. However, I have carried the interest with me ever since.

I submitted an early version of this paper to ***** in about 1976/1977 but it was rejected. I don't have a confirmatory transcript of that particular submission or the rejection letter.

The neurology of Behçet's syndrome article: