Separated comments on physics

This "page" began as a chronological sequence of observations on physics. However, because it has grown so large, I have now split these "thoughts" into separate files and, where appropriate, edited them. The older additions can still be viewed, unsplit, in the original file (html link). Indeed, they may need to be whilst I am shifting the old elements to the list.

What follows is wildly speculative and quite probably utter bullshit. Be warned!!!

The underlying reason for airing such absurd speculation is to try and show how a process of:

  1. reading
  2. wild conjecture
  3. establishing anchor points
  4. readjustment to retain only the "fittest" conceptual "survivors"
  5. iteration

... can go on and on as a productive, iterative process getting closer and closer to potentially important realisations. The conceptions emerge in wild swings (of "good" and "bad") that may eventually begin to dampen out towards something usefully productive. It represents an interest provoked learning adventure. Perhaps it will work (expose more of the "truth"), perhaps not. I will have to wait and see. However, these observations – open thoughts – might just possibly prove to have a smidgen of provocative value somewhere. And, on the principle that, unless they are read, they will never have a chance of influencing anyone – here goes. These are "open", "unfinished" "thinks" that will mutate quickly as I discover the incorrect assumptions and omissions (the beginnings of new iteration cycles – frequently accompanied by much embarrassment). They represent a process of wild conjecture, interest provocation and then filtering out the worst dross. There will be many wildly wrong assumptions here but the general trend does suggest there are some avenues to explore.