Choir related stuff

I may hang things here – from time to time – that are related to my choir activities. These are not related to immunology or morphostasis.

This particular set of mp3s are from the Woodside singers Christmas concert on the 2nd December. I will remove these links in a couple of weeks so save anything you fancy keeping. You can always ask me for copies after that.

You can also access the pieces (alone) from this pdf file "Concert pieces".

4 32 33 34
Item Performer
Benedicamus Domino Full choir
Introduction Emily
Christmas is coming, the geese are getting fat Full choir
I saw three ships come sailing in Full choir
Commentry Emily
Fum Fum Fum Full choir
Carol of the bells Full choir
Angel's carol Full choir
Reading: The 12 days of Christmas ??
Commentry Emily
Calypso carol Full choir
Carol of the drum Full choir
Commentry Emily
Ding dong merrily Congregation
Commentry Emily
Stork carol Full choiur
In the stillness of the night Full choir
Commentry Emily
Mid winter Full choir
Hark! The Herald Angels sing Congregation
Tomorrow shal be my dancing day Full choir
Commentry Emily
Fantasia on Christmas carols > Full choir + solos
Reading: A Christmas market Mike
Commentry Emily
Shepherd's farewell Full choir
Commentry Full choir
O Little town of Bethlehams Full choir
Carol of the bells Full choir
Commentry Emily
O come, all ye faithful Full choir
Commentry Emily
A merry little Christmas Full choir
Closing thanks Church official